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GreenPower an environment-friendly alternative to coal-powered electricity

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GreenPower - An environment-friendly alternative to coal-powered electricity

Did you know?

In NSW over 95% of electricity is generated from black coal, brown coal, oil and gas. These are the most carbon intensive fuels in terms of greenhouse gas emission. 

Source: Australia’s Environment: Issues and Trends ABS 2010 and DECCW 2008


What is GreenPower?

Green power is a government renewable energy accreditation program that enables your energy provider to purchase renewable energy (harnessed from natural resources such as wind, water and sun) on your behalf, rather than the usual electricity produced through burning coal.

Why choose GreenPower?

The more people that purchase GreenPower the more support that is given to the renewable energy industry in Australia. This in turn generates a greater supply of energy from renewable sources and the demand for electricity from the burning of fossil fuels is reduced.

For every kilowatt-hour of GreenPower-accredited electricity you purchase, one extra kilowatt-hour of renewable electricity must be fed into the grid.

How do you get GreenPower?

You simply choose the amount of accredited GreenPower you would like your electricity retailer to purchase on your behalf as a percentage of your electricity account.

How much does it cost?

GreenPower costs around 4-8 cents per kWh more than your current electricity rate.  

As at Dec 2013 Energy Australia’s GreenPower option will cost you an additional $0.04730 per kWh.

If you are interested in finding the most suitable GreenPower option for your house or business the Australian Energy Regulator has created a new energy price comparison website to assist in comparing electricity offers in ACT, NSW and SA (including the GreenPower component) between different providers. 


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